Saturday, August 8, 2009

My New Curls

I am going to be very girly today and talk about my hair.

I have always envied girls with curls. My hair has always been almost straight, but mostly just a little wavy that ends up looking straggly. As a result, I usually blow dry it straight and then either flip the ends up or under with a large round brush. That's on a good day.

I am also known to tie my hair in a knot on my head (as opposed to someone else's head) or throw it in a ponytail.

But, I have discovered that Little Bear has given me this lovely gift- new curls.

One day I was taking Toots to preschool summer camp and didn't have time to dry my hair so I let it dry by itself. When I arrived, Cher Bear, one of the teachers at the school, said something like- Oh, your hair looks absolutely fabulous. Look at those curls! You have the Brazilian Blowout, I'll have to bring you my magazine that shows the hairstyle. It's the new thing. You are absolutely the most in style and put together mother I have ever seen.

Now, Cher Bear reads my blog so she is probably thinking- that's not what I said. Okay, so I did take a teenie weenie (laughing as I write that) bit of liberty with her words, but it is pretty close. Well, not pretty close, but close enough.

We both think it is hilarious that she said I had a Brazilian ANYTHING, but now I am feeling really cool with my completely effortless, as seen in an actual magazine, hairstyle.

Wanna see the curls? Well, aren't you just having the best day because guess what? I have a picture. I know, shocking that I am actually in one of my family photos. My niece took it. Thank you Miss B.

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Can you tell I cropped my buns right out of this photo?

So what do you think? Actual curls, right? A little straggly but we're at the beach. I think it must be some hormonal thing after having the fourth child so I am giving all the credit to Little Bear.

Oh, and to Cher Bear for pointing them out.

By the way, if you are reading this Cher Bear, please forgive me for not turning in my preschool registration forms that were due ages ago and which you requested before your vacation which starts next week yesterday. If its any consolation, I mentioned you in my post!


3 Blessings said...

Loving the curls...
My hair is as straight as a board. So, do I have to have four to get curls? I just had #3. :)


Foursons said...

It's funny how pregnancy does that to hair. I used to be a blond. But my hair got darker, thicker, and picked up a wavy/curl to it. Crazy. I still go into shock when I look in the mirror and see my brown hair.

denise said...

My hair grew back curlier after pregnancy too. Funny thing, though, I have curly hair and I prefer mine straight. So I'll go to a lot of trouble with the blow dryer and flat iron to get it that way!

Lee Beth said...

I think the curls are cute! It is serious work trying to do your hair sometimes, isn't it?

Lena said...

Your hair looks awesome... Your baby looks even more so, as he tries to lift up his little feet... adorable:)

Rachel said...

The curls look great!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Farmgirl Paints said...

You look adorable. So great to finally see a picture of you.

I love little chick gave me a headful of spiral curls when I was pregnant with her. Hormones do crazy things.

LAURA said...

Lucky you! I have the most plain, boring hair ever... and it keeps getting thinner with each pregnancy! I always hoped it would get a little curls after having a baby but I wasn't so lucky.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

How funny! I just wrote about my curly/wavy hair and how my hormones effect it.

You're hair is beautiful!

New England Girl said...

LOVE that photo. You look so gorgeous! And I love your hair. :)

Anne Ericsson said...

Well honey, I had the most beautiful long hair untill after I had you. Now I am lucky to have any hair curly or not! Guess you took the hormone hair when you were born. That's fine. I will just enjoy looking at yours:-)