Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We have been busy over here...


sitting around


figuring out what this green stuff is


exploring its' texture


watering it with endless drool

so fascinated by it that eyes shall never see the camera lurking endlessly above


oh... what's this brown stuff?
It will soon be my lifelong companion


yes.. this is what we have been doing.
Who cares that we are moving
to the Northern land in less than a month!

We need to roll in the grass!

And sit in the laundry basket.
So much better and cuter than the stinky stuff usually found here!
And mommy needs to kiss these sweet things-

But seriously..
I have not packed a thing.
I have watched Hottie Husband pack.
He is real cute doing it.
So cute that maybe he should just do it all.
Yah right!

However, I have requested medical records for the kids, requested transcripts for the kids and contacted the school in Montana. But, I have never moved before so I am thinking maybe you ladies might have some tips about what I need to be doing.

Other than actually packing and rolling in the grass!


New England Girl said...

Rolling in the grass sounds like SO much more fun than packing! It must be so exciting for you all to see the moving date getting closer. :)
Unfortunately, I've only packed to go away to college and even though that was in a different country, I'm sure my experience is totally different from moving a family from one place to another. It was just me, two suitcases and a whole new world. haha. I hope your packing and move goes smoothly. And I can't wait to hear about all of your new adventures! :)

April said...

oh my goodness...the picture in the laundry basket it should blow that one up and frame it :)

Life is good! said...

enjoy rolling in that green grass. you will be welcomed to montana with cold dead grass i imagine!
it is pretty cold here in utah and you will be further north, sounds great to me, i love montana!
as for packing if you are moving yourself it will be a good time to dejunk and not move crap! but if you are being moved by a company, hey what the heck move everything.
take your time unpacking, you don't have to be in a hurry. moving is overwelming to me, so good luck!

Kelly said...

Awesome pictures! I've never moved before (other than moving 7 minutes away from my parents home to our home when Jacob and I got married last year), so I don't really have any good advice for you. :)

Foursons said...

Those pictures are great- especially the ones in the basket. Love the editing of them. I think you need to take some photos of Hottie Husband packing so we can all admire your view. 'Cause even though I'm married and you are married to Hottie I still think your hubby is so aptly named!

As far as packing advice? Pack the kids stuff up last and pack some overnight suitcases with several changes of clothes and all toiletries. That way when you get there you won't be hunting through boxes.

Liz said...

The grass is definately more fun then working on moving!

Never moved????? Really? Weird. In the 10 years we have been married, we have moved our crap 14 times. Most of those I have packed the entire household myself. Hubby actually moved all the stuff into the moving van. Gotta draw the line somewhere:-)

We have most of our stuff in bins. We created a label on them and started collecting the bins/boxes in a place (like the garage) for easy buildup. Yes...declutter. Pack all nonessentials first. Most of the decorations were gone first as well.

You can do this...just suck it up! And I mean that in the most positive and nice ways....

Angie S said...

OMG...those pics are GREAT!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

We have moved 8 times in 17 years! It really is a lot of work. My honey takes care of all the detail stuff. I just pack boxes. I think it's wonderful you are able to just relax and enjoy your little one. Life will be hectic busy soon enough. Enjoy it while you can. Those are great shots of him Brigetta.

Kasey said...

gorgeous shots girlie.

Tiffany said...

No tips- sorry! But I just LOVE the shot of your little man in the laundry basket! He is such a sweetie!

Lena said...

I am very excited for you! But not the packing part... I believe since you are moving in about a month, it would be chilly in montana, you should pack some warm clothes, and warm hats, mittens, and scarfs for the boys...You dont want to get that little cute baby of yours cold. And the pictures you took are great, did he try to eat the grass yet? :)

DolceDreams said...

Just keep doing what you re doing and it will all fall into place...he is simply adorable!

Helen McGinn said...

You're doing a grand job.

Anything precious, move yourself, always put the box with the kettle, the mugs, the coffee and the biscuits (cookies)on the top and use coloured stickers to identify boxes because no matter how well you pack, they'll get mixed up. :O)

Gina said...

Let me tell you... this girl can pack!!! i love that she's letting Jason do it! hahahah i love you sis!!! stick to photography, and da baaaaby! so great! it will get done... it always does

denise said...


I love that last picture with Little Bear's sweet little hand and foot. Super cute!

Jill Longo said...

B - do you guys need a mover? Or are you doing a rental truck? I'd love to help you on it and can get you a quote for the move!
Packing is so not fun, I totally agree on purging a lot and taking as little as possible!

Let me know if you're looking for a mover for it all!
(Longos at

Anne Ericsson said...

Well daughter of mine...You are a great packer just as your sister said! It will all come together and you. I loved what Foursons, Liz and Jill had to offer for moving. Make sure the REMOTES are in the car with you and NOT packed in a box or the kids will go through all of them so they can watch their favorite movies. ha ha.

I will make sure you have the list of making moving easier. Love you.

Sande said...

Tips on moving .... curl up in foetal position and twitch.

mindyluwho said...

I've never moved a family to a different state. I think it must be much harder than just a couple of miles. And since I'm a last minuter, I have no good tips!

But that baby is just cute enough to eat! Beautiful pictures!