Monday, December 7, 2009

The Cold

When we first got here a few weeks ago, the temperatures would go up and down between the 20s and 30s and sometimes even make it up into the 40s.

We thought- Wow! It just doesn't feel that cold. This isn't as bad as we thought it would be. The humidity is so low that it feels like it does when it is in the 50s and 60s at home. We are not wimpy Californians... we can handle this!

Well, we were in for a little surprise this weekend when this dry cold front came in. We are in the coldest state in the US right now and it feels like it. This picture was taken at 9am on our deck.


When I drove the boys to school, my car thermometer said it was -6 degrees.
That was negative six for those of you needing longer arms.
I mean, I never even thought about living in the negatives before.

The air was so cold that there was steam coming off of the frigid lake.


So this is what the boys dressed in for school this morning.
They thought it was the greatest thing ever.


They kept trying to go outside in their t-shirts to see what negative temperatures really feel like and I kept freaking out making them come back in and bundle up.

At least I know they will be cozy and snug at school today.
It has to be above 10 degrees to play outside- SCHOOL RULE.
I just wonder what the school would have done in California if it ever got close to 10 degrees.
It is just so funny the differences.

I have realized that I really never got what "winter" was all about. I mean, I always knew it was a cold season and that there was snow and that other people got to wear cute scarves and boots, but I never really got all the little things that go along with it.

For example, extremely dry and cracked hands. My fingertips started getting little cracks in them last week and they really hurt.

So this is one of my new favorite things-

Gloves and some Neutrogena hand cream and my hands are feeling lovely again.

By the way, here are my very comfy and warm Rocket Dog boots that I found on I love them. They are pictured here with a very small portion of my new Joe Jeans, Chelsea style. I found that the Chelsea had the skinny leg, but fit me better than The Skinny Honey Booty.
I was very excited to get them for half price at an outlet store just before we left on our trip.

Little Bear has his own boots too and I love them.
They are made by Robeez and stay on his feet.


Okay, forgive my boot tangent, back to the cold.

It really is cold, but still not completely unbearable. I mean, I still went to the grocery store this morning and loaded my car in negative temperatures.
I am learning that it is probably bearable until either the wind starts blowing or the heater goes out.
Otherwise, it is do-able.

One of my favorite things that helps me survive the cold is a feature on my 2009 Suburban that my dad found and delivered to me from his town of Spearfish.
We have a fish theme going.
We got a great price on this used suburban and it only had 10.000 miles on it.
I can't even tell you how excited I am to be driving this baby.


Okay, back to feature I love about it.
It has the remote starter.
For all my non-winter dwelling friends, a remote starter is a button you push on your remote which starts the car. Not only does it start the car, it also turns the heater on full blast.
So the car is warm and cozy by the time you get in.

In this cold, there is one thing that I am most assuredly going to have to learn how to do- start a fire in our country stoves.
I just can't do it yet.
The other day I tried to do the newspaper and the kindling, determined to be able to start my own fire. Finally, I got frustrated and sprayed the whole thing with lighter fluid and I still could not get it going.

During the mouse incident, I texted Hottie Husband about an additional mouse that I saw run under the fridge. He so sweetly replied to - get a stick and beat it and become a real mountain woman. Yes, that's my man. I kindly replied that I was a failure as a mountain woman because I could not even get a fire going with lighter fluid!!! There was no way I was catching a mouse!

Luckily, I have boys who happily took the mice outside when they got caught in the traps. Ewwwwww!

Lastly, here is by far my favorite thing about the cold-

watching this guy

be a rugged

ax wielding
mountain man.


Foursons said...

Thanks so much for sharing Hottie Husband with us. I truly enjoy the pictures of him. :)

And living in S. TX I don't get the winter season either. I too am jealous of the sweaters, scarves, and boots.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Poor thing... I can't imagine how much of a shock that is to your California blood.

We get really really cold here too. We have snaps of actual temps being 20 below with a wind chill of 40 below. I have cried going to the grocery store before. Just freaked out and panicked trying to get groceries loaded in the car. That's why every year I plan a trip to see my cousin out in LA...I get to the point I just can't stand it.

You'll be alright, just takes some adjusting and then winter will be over and the beauty around you will give you winter amnesia:)

Helen McGinn said...

Ah yes, the cold! Living in Scotland, you can imagine....although my complaining gets me nowhere with my Canadian friends; "minus 4" they snort, when I tell them I'm cold "try minus 30, then come see us". Of course, they don't have frugal husband who is typical of any Scottish husband; "what do you mean, put the heating on? Go get another jumper and some socks...once you look like the Michelin woman, then we'll start talking".


p.s. I second the comment about hottie husband. Hope that's allowed! ;O)

Love and Maple Syrup said...

Michael and I are looking at your blog together, and he exclaims, "oh, they're so lucky. when are we going to go to the snow?" Yeah, we're jealous of the school outfits over here in LA where it's been pouring rain all day. We're pretending to have "snow day" as the kids are out of school today... wishing it was snow instead of rain! BTW, it WILL get colder than -6 where you are... so we hear!

Angelica Bays, said...

I love your posts- they're so fully packed and satisfying! hahaha.
I'm jealous on so many fronts- from the remote starter(Yeay dad!) to the darling boots to the hubby who knows which end of an axe to swing (j/k, dear!)
best wishes and Stay warm!

Kasey said...

The cold is hard to get used to.
I live in chicago..and it always hits a good -15 for a week in January.
I'm sure you will love Montana..we used to live in colorado and i think it's very similar.

Angie S said...

OMG that is really cold for a Texas girl!! I couldn't do it. I lived in Michigan for a few months and thought I was gonna freeze to death! You are doing great!!

Your suburban is so pretty and very smart. and to start itself right up is even better.

Stay warm!

Have a good week!

Nurse Teeny said...

Neutrogena Hand Cream is THE best! It has saved my hands from all that hospital hand sanitizer! :-)

Glad to see you guys are getting settled in and staying warm. Man, I thought the 15-degree weather here in Portland was bad!

Can't wait to see everyone at Christmas!


Lena said...

Amazing winter post.. I love it. Especially enjoyed the lake views and the cute little baby boots... Yours look nice too :) Well its supposed to get really chilly here in california as well, in the 20s Can you believe it? Not as cold as where you are now, but still! Good job at finding humor in everything at your new place. You are great!

McMom said...

Growing up in Wyoming, my dad always used to say, "It's colder than a brass toilet seat on the shady side of an iceberg." But you seem to be handling it beautifully.

denise said...

Not a fan of cold weather AT ALL! The thermometer was at zero here when I got up this morning. Brr.

Love your boots, though. Very fun.

Life is good! said...

this must be a shock to your system. here in utah it is cold but not that cold and i love it. i hope you enjoy your new life in montana, it is just beautiful and cozy!