Thursday, February 11, 2010

Helpless Helper and Comment by Hottie Husband

A few days ago, I wrote a post about how your waist size is related to risk for heart disease. Hottie Husband reads my blog, but has never commented.

Until now!
And do you know what possibly compelled him to post a comment on my blog?

An error.
A mathematical error- on my part!

It had something to do with my saying it increases your risk by 50% and then later saying it doubles your risk, or that my risk had been cut in half. He pointed out that it would have to be a 100% increase for it to double. My brain is still going- lalalalalala from when he was explaining it.
In any event, I apologize for the error. 

Okay, fine smarty pants! Math is not my strong suit!

Speaking of this weakness of mine, I finally made my way back into volunteering in the kid's classrooms. My first time in was this Tuesday. On the way to school, I told Mister Luke I would be coming into his classroom in the morning and he looked at me with worry and said-

Mom, she is going to have you do long division!

Our children know that when they have a math question, they go to Dad. When they have a spelling, writing or reading question, I'm their gal!

I said- Don't worry honey! I can do long division. I'll be fine.
I was secretly trembling inside. 

When I arrived, she first had me give a make-up spelling test to four kids- Whew!
Then, she said- Johnny here is really struggling with this fraction worksheet and getting very frustrated, can you help him?

I must have looked like a deer in the headlights, because she said- here, take the answer key.
Whew again!

But, not so fast. It just had the answers, not how to get them and I needed to explain some crazy fraction stuff to this boy. I had NO idea how to do it. NO idea!

So rather than going back into the classroom, head dropped in shame, I brilliantly said- Can you explain to me how you got your answer up on this question? Can you apply that same concept to this problem? Would a four work? Oh, yes, you are right- a three works much better. Yes a sly look at the answer key  you are so smart- that is absolutely correct. 

I lucked out. I think that this boy was struggling more from a lack of confidence in his abilities than a lack of understanding. My ignorance was a perfect remedy.

The rest of the time I got to do long division and thank goodness I really do remember how to do that.

How do you handle homework in your home?


MamaMonki said...

I teach fourth grade and sometimes I feel the same way - like a deer in the headlights - when it comes to math. Usually the feeling strikes when a student has solved a problem a different way from the way I taught and wants to know why they can't do it their way all the time.

Angie S said...

Layla starts kindergarten next year, and I am terrible at math. She will be going to her daddy too for math help.

It makes me nervous just thinking about homework.

Do they give homework to kindergarten kids?

Jen said...

Too funny, Dad will certainly be the go-to man in Math. Thankfully, we are not there yet!

Life is good! said...

well my children are all adults, but when they were in grade school i was able to help them until about the 5th grade then, well,then I'm sure how they did it but they did. I do know my grandkids are doing even harder stuff! yuck! good luck

jennifer Dennis said...

I love google I have found you can put any question in and out comes the answer!:)

Angelica Bays, said...

I play dead until they stop shaking me and saying "MOM! Knock it off- I can see you breathing!", lose interest and go find Daddy.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Math is definitely not my area of expertise. My husband would probably pipe in and comment on something like that too:)

Mindy said...

Brigetta you are too funny. I have been cruising all over your blog for, oh my gosh a half hour. You are entertaining and so descriptive. I can just see the look on Mr Luke's face... similar to my 4th grader's when we do homework. I guess I am a mama bear too... thanks for the great pictures of your family. They are precious!