Friday, March 5, 2010

Mountaineering Man?

Usually, shopping for Hottie Husband's birthday is difficult.
He doesn't really ever want anything that I can actually buy for him.
This year I was very happy when I knew that there
were some gifts he would be excited to receive.

You see, he has a new sport.
It involves putting on snow skis with skins things you put on the bottom of the skis to create traction and instead of going up a chairlift,
one hikes up the mountain with skis on.
Personally, it sounds like torture.
However, when you are HH, anything that is challenging, grueling,  and make you almost puke in its intensity-
it sounds like fun!

He mentioned that he needed a backpack and something called a beacon for his new sport.
Geared with this knowledge, I went to to local sporting goods store and told the clerk what I needed.

We found this backpack, which now hangs on a hood in our home.
Skis can be attached to the backpack.

Then, I told the clerk he needed a beacon and he proceeded to show me that he also probably needed a few more things that neatly fit in the backpack.

like a shovel

Ummm,,, sir, why does he need a shovel?


Because if his buddy is buried, he needs to be able to dig him out.


Yes, and he will also need a probe. 
See you take it like this and probe down into the snow until you hit something. 
Then you know you have found him and you start digging.


I am now in shock.
I had no idea what I was going out to purchase.
If he needs a shovel and a probe, then his buddy needs a shovel and a probe in case
he ends up like this little stick figure shown buried below.
Dig the stick figure man out quickly- he has four children.

Then I found out that this is a beacon.
It is a device that when activated, will lead you to your buddy trapped under the snow from an avalanche.

The thing is that you never go backcountry skiing I have now discovered that this is the name of the new sport that HH vaguely explained to me alone.
You always go with a buddy or buddies.
Not because you want company, but because you may need to have someone dig you out.


He wants to go not on these nicely groomed runs with the chairlifts

but rather up that peak to the left or even further
into the backcountry.

He is an explorer.
He always has been.
It is part of the reason I love him.
So I'll just pray that these skis of his take him where he wants to go
but always bring him safely back to me. 


takemetomaui said...

Oh dear. I'm sure God will protect him, but still....oh dear!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh girl...sounds like he has adjusted pretty well. Did you know he was going to be such a mountain man??

Brigetta's Mom said...

Oh dear...Just put on your Bikini and when he sees you, he will forget about leaving the house with his ski skins:-)

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

I remember when I met you at the lodge...
you mentioned these new skis that your husband had just gotten...and him climbing the mountain.
I thought that was interesting...
but now...
wow...what an eye opener for you and me too.
I will be praying for everyone's safety.
Mommy 2
P.S. my daughter fiance is just that type...
he is backwoods mountain climber/trekker

A 2 Z said...

Most men are thrill seekers. Must be a hormonal thing....Perhaps you can feed him a diet high in fat and with the weight gain he will not feel like climbing mountains with skis LOL Men drive me crazy sometimes...

Foursons said...

Wow- I've never heard of that. Sounds exciting for him and downright scary for you. Good luck!

Kendra said...

What is it with men and needing hobbies/sports that end up being so dangerous?! Mine is the same way, although he does the whole backcountry danger thing on top of a large gas powered vehicle. I bet your hubby loved his gifts, good job! :-) By any chance, was that store the SkiHaus in kalispell? We went there today and wandered for hours, its awesome in there.

Seizing My Day said...

Yikes!! ;) be still my heart ... would take on a new meaning for me... it is what I would be saying every time he went out! Pray for him to return indeed! you let us know every time he goes out and we will join you! boys and their toys! ;)
New follower..
Just Jenn~

Double Wide Mom said...

ah yes...those boys never grow up, their toys just cost more and get a LOT more dangerous. Thanks for explaining the Buddy System!