Thursday, September 2, 2010

Living at the end of the Rainbow

Last night the boys and I were sitting at our table playing Scrabble.
The lake was calm and smooth, mirroring the sky.
Then suddenly a dense cloud came in and the lake turned a deep grey.

Just as suddenly as the storm, a rainbow appeared, bright and vibrant. 
A second one with fainter hues appeared beside it.
Did you know that when two rainbows appear side by side, the color orders are reversed?

As a child, I always wanted to follow rainbows to see where they ended.
To see if there really was a pot of gold and a sassy leprechaun sitting next to it.
I started to believe that the end just couldn't be found.

It seems that the end of the rainbow is here in Montana, right on our lake.


I said to the boys- 
Look, we live at the end of the rainbow.

Then we imagined the masses of gold that must be at the bottom of the lake.


I am sure there is a scientific reason it is ending in our lake. 
But, I like to think that it is special just for us.


The Brewers said...

that is so awesome b :) just for YOU!!! maybe you're the sassy leprechaun? ;)

A New England Girl said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos... and I love the memory you will all have of this particular night and rainbow! :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

rainbows are really special to me. i always remember God's promises when i see one. lucky you that they end right there on your lake. blessed indeed. have a great lonnnng weekend.