Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Fun Idea for a Card

I am excited to tell you what I have been up to this last week while I was slacking on my blogging. 
But, I am not going to tell you yet.
That's tomorrow.

Instead I am going to share this idea for a silly get well card I made today.
A friend of ours who is also Mister Luke's football coach had hip replacement surgery a few days ago.

I wanted something that the team could give him. 
I went to Walgreen's thinking- Big, Giant card they can all sign and maybe some cookies to go with it. 

Then, in the candy aisle, I had a flashback of a card someone gave to me in high school. 
It looked something like this. 


Except I wasn't a coach.
And I wasn't sick or hurt.
It probably said something more like-

I think you are HOT TAMALES!
You look like 100 GRAND!
I have MOUNDS of love for you.
Won't you be my BABYRUTH?
I see STARBURST when you enter a room.

Just kidding, 
But, you get the idea of how creative this can get.
Just don't go too hogwild on WHATCHAMACALIT or SKOR unless it's Valentine's Day. 

Hottie Husband is taking it to practice so they can all sign it. 

What's your best candy phrase?


donahugh43 said...

Love the card. You are soooooo clever. Hope the boys don't eat the candy before it gets to the coach.

partialemptynester said...

OH, how funnnny!!!!!!!! Love it! Reminds me of the oh, so, romantic valentine's day card I made for my high school boyfriend when he was a senior and I was a junior...made a message from the valentine heart message candies!!!! Lol...gave the idea to my son when he was in high school and he gave me a look like I was an alien...he wasn't as into it as I was, lol...needless to say his at-the-time-girlfriend did not end up receiving one, hahah!!! You're card is sooo cute! The coach will LOVE it!!!!!

April said...

what a fun idea...might have to steal it...thanks for sharing :)

2 Moms of a Feather...Stick Together said...

Very neat card...
You are so creative.
I love fun projects like yours.

Katie said...

This is the cutest thing ever! I'm stealing your idea :) Thanks!