Tuesday, March 1, 2011

He Melts Me

I just have to show you this boy.
Who melts me.
Who dances like Axel Rose.
You know, that snakey side to side shimmy. He does that. And it is so funny.
Who gives high fives and knucks.
Who says, "I need yew, I need yew."

Who jaunts into child care where we ski and says, "Hi."
Who sleeps like this


in this
(an organic Kanoe hammock)


while we ski.

Have you seen these before? They are fantastic, cozy little spaces. 
And he actually takes long naps in them which makes me feel less guilty for leaving him which makes my happily promote them. 

But really, 
I just wanted to show you that sweet face. 
See the lips?
Those are the lips on the ultrasound that had me convinced he was a girl. 


But, now I look at the two photos...and well...
he's all boy. 
And he is perfect.


partialemptynester said...

Aww, sooo sweet!!! Ooh, gotta love that little ol' Kanoe hammock...never seen such a thing!! K...I can't imagine either of my children sleeping in the ski daycare!!! Even at TWO YEARS OLD, they were putting my daughter on those velcro skis and sending her down these little bitty bumps...she would just squeal with delight as if she was heading down the big runs! There were no little Kanoe hammocks back in the day for her!!! I'm thinking lil toots must not be ADD, lol!

Between You and Me said...

thank you for the sweet comments...I'm so excited to come over and hang out at your blog for a while.....looking forward to getting to know you!

Between You and Me said...

saw that your oldest is Luke...our oldest son is Luke, too!

what an honor to raise those boys!

donahugh43 said...

Do they make the hammock in my size. Love that little guy.

Rebekah said...

So cute!

Joybird said...

So you're going to show us a video of Lil' Bear dancing like Axel Rose...soon...ok?...ok!