Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catalog Yearning

The Pottery Barn Catalog always does it to me. 
And sometimes Ballard and Ballard. 
But, mostly Pottery Barn.

And Pottery Barn came in the mail today. 
And to make it worse (and by it, I'm talking about my yearning for all things not mine) 
it was this lovely outdoor edition. 

This was the photo that got me yearning. 
Rockers on a porch, call to me saying- Brigetta, we must be yours. We are waiting for you to settle in with a worn quilt and a cup of coffee and scan the landscape, rocking in us. 


Then, I flip the pages and the outdoor entertaining spaces pull me in. 
I long for a trellis with a lantern above and vines climbing...
and to entertain outside at a long table with lights strung above.


Bad, bad catalog, making me yearn for things not mine. 

I will be content with the new light Hottie Husband let me buy to go above our table.
We are renting and he doesn't want to invest money in a house not ours. 
We've never rented before. It's new territory and we are longing for a space to make our own. 
It is part of the fiber of who we are and it's trying to surface. 

The conversation went like this-

me- I want a new light fixture for above the table.
HH- why?
me- I also want to paint the kitchen and the dining area and the boys' room, but the lamp will tide me over.
HH-Okay, you can get the lamp.


Alisa said...

hahaha!! I could totally hear you say that and him give into the light. That's classic!! I love pottery barn too. xoxo

Joybird said...

Yes, my Pottery Barn and Ballard designs arrived in the last two days. I'm drooling. I didn't see the daybed that graces my imaginary library in Ballard. I've only been dreaming about it for ten years. I freaked out and ran to check the website to make sure it's still available (which it is) for when my Nest is more that dream deep.