Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Moment of Solitude... on a golf course... with snow.

The other day I took a moment. alone. to try something new. 
This was my view
a cross country ski course that doubles as a golf course in the summer.


Cross country skiing has always been one of those things I thought I would dislike... a lot. 
But, friends here have been raving about it so I finally decided to try it.
I rented some equipment from this cute little shack.


and decided that I prefer cross country ski boots by leaps and bounds to the confinement of downhill ski boots.


And I set out in rare solitude on a warm blue day. 
I went at my own pace and enjoyed stopping to look at the mountains in the distance, the woman in a fluffy pink hat skimming in the snow across the way, the streaming white clouds in the arching vibrant sky. 

I listened to my own breath, felt the air cool my lungs, pushed forward using neglected muscles that would be sure to tell me how I'd used them for days to come.

I looked and listened and absorbed.
And I gave thanks for the gifts of my day. 


I tried something new and loved a thing I thought I'd dread. 
I really loved it. 
It was the mixture of outdoor splendor, quiet solitude and physical exertion... 

and a thankful heart. 

What is something new you are trying?


FireWife said...

I am trying blogging, which is new and nice and keeps me from talking so much to my dog. And I am trying to reach out more to friends, even though I'd like to be reached out to :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

I've always wanted to try it. Not much into winter sports, but you have to have something to do when it's winter forever right? Sounds relaxing. Would have been fun with a friend.

Joybird said...

Late last summer I started walking the Rose Bowl in the evenings. I try to do it once or twice a week and get almost 6 miles in each time. I enjoy the solitary time with my ipod blaring.

FireWife: I still talked to my dog a lot after I began blogging. ;)

Warren Baldwin said...

Beautiful photos. I used to live in Cody, WY and skied there, and snowmobiled every year in West Yellowstone during a spiritual retreat there. Miss it.

Linked here from Joanne's blog.